Oh my god, I will go to hell… I am a chocoholic!

Published February 22, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

After hearing my roommate asking to resist on chocolate till eastern, I thought she’s crazy!

C’mon, ur my roomate! U should know me! I am the girl eating just chocolate – no! my blood consist of chocolate. It is my reason for living. Ok, that’s tooo much said. Let’s keep it like that: I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

I need to confess: I am a cocoholic. Life could be worse.

So what made me basically join her? First of all, if I need to avoid chocolate, I define chocolate as all things, which are dark to brown colored sweet things. So sugar, as long as it not to much, and little candy in times of danger is allowed. Otherwise I could rather go and lock the door behind my back – seriously: no chocolate = no life. So I guess some sweets are allowed *check* I joined my roomate, ’cause of all the reasons you would go on diet. To say: I hate diets, they never work or my mind is too weak. So I gues this could be the first thing to start without becoming fat again right after! I like to fit in my trousers again, I don’t want to see little rolls at my back (especially the ones under my bra and above my hips) and I don’t want people to stand up from their chair letting me pass through, ’cause they think my ass is too big and will throw down the glasses on the table. I just like to lose some kilo to feel healthy again, I don’t want to become skinny like a catwalk doll. Well ‘doll’ would not even fit here…

I just like to feel good and balanced – I just like to be happy. That’s what life is about – next to chocolate.

Why I am writing this blog?

Well as you might see, it is my first day without chocolate and I am actually busy with working and studying, but somehow it troubles me getting along with…And I guess there are more people thinking about the same. If you join me, we could make it together! Or you just can keep reading and helping me 🙂 Or at the end, see what it was all about! Maybe I can change lifestyle and live (at least a bit) healthier than before.

Today – at least I didn’t had chocolate and I should be proud of myself having salad for dinner. I liked it! Tomatoes, some cheese and salad made with balsamic, oil, salt and pepper.

So first day was ok 🙂 But as you know, first days are the most motivated ones.  I am looking forward to tomorrow. Let’s see what will happens there.

saladly yours



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