day#2 I’m proud to kill myself

Published February 23, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Damn I got the proof: I am crazy, but proud!

Well first of all – SUCCESS! I didn’t had any chocolate today… I preferred eating sweet oranges than something “bad” sweet. *wohoo

So what? well besides the fact, that I was thinking the whole day how to avoid chocolate, I was thinking what I could eat instead @.@ so no good way to handle the situation. I remembered the fact, that eating is important, I should not stop, otherwise I will be double after eastern! So just taking care to reduce the amount a bit and forcing myself to eat more healthy things with vitamins. – You know, something more fresh, green or colored things growing on some plants.

Did you walked into supermarket these days and try to buy this funky stuff? I rapidly remembered why I did not eat too healthy till know…who wants to pay a monthly salary for a cucumber? or go on credit for buying pepper and bananas? Well, sorry Mr. Supermarket, I won’t be your new super duper client helping you to grow more of this stuff in your garden…anyway I found some “ok-stuff” for “ok-money” I guess. But I didn’t bought it. Yes. Since I didn’t take my suitcase full of money with me, I decided I will get it another day – after marrying a rich guy, win the lotto or just right after getting my salary 😀

Today, well I was still motivated to fight against my “backrolls”, who already have their own life. I call them “Lolli” and “Rolli”. I think they enjoying their free rides at my back too much…So I thought “Hey let’s go to do sports!” – Haha…yeah I like sports, really! But I was so tired, that I was walking home slow (from university) and missed the tram to the gym. The course was about Aerobics and bit of kick-boxing. I need to admit, that I actually love this course! But not today…

I chose not to go. Somehow I should not. If I don’t go, I won’t be more tired. It’s too late now. – Shut the f** off, You made a promise! Not only to yourself also to one of my best friends! In order to help her losing weight, we made a promise: We (yeah, we try together even there are some thousand kilometers between us) will lose weight till eastern. If we succeed, she will buy tickets to my place and I will show her around. We will have so much fun together again ❤ She is one of the reasons who keeps me going…This is why I thought: “No sports means I am super stupid!” Something I have to do…

In order to punish myself for not participating in my sports class I let myself do the thing I hate the most: RUNNING! I would prefer doing a 3h hard work out than running half an hour! But punishment is punishment, and of course as total noob I could not start power running. I did it in a rhythm I could follow, with short fast walking breaks. As you can read, I survived…Next time, I won’t miss my sports class again! Nevertheless I’m proud I did it.

Iam already thinking what to have for lunch tomorrow..that’s too bad. So I just gonna make a good tea and hope I will find something soon, otherwise I gonna dream of it!

runningly yours


Btw. Does chocolate tea counts as chocolate? (*_*)


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