day#3 Who the f*** needs presents?

Published February 24, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

I survived day #3 *woopwoop

Ok, I had sweeter cereals for breakfast, but no chocolate *hehehe

Actually it was easy to survive today…I was at work the whole day! I had a deadline to catch so I was working concentrated the whole time. But not to tell u something boring, what do you think about birthday gifts? yeah, they are cool. Really. But why does it need to be a friend who loves German chocolate? (>o<)

I was not aware of that…I just went to Mr. Supermarket, still selling extra terrestrial expensive salads, to buy chocolate. Since it is eastern, you can’t forget that this time is coming. Everywhere – yeah the HELL EVERYWHERE – you can find chocolate and sweets. Especially the violet one and the blue bunnies (my favorite ones!)! It was questioning myself what will be the excuse to buy one for me, too?? I could keep it till eastern…I wana give it to my roomate *hehe…The little tiny one could be ok…oooh they are so “sweet” they should not be left here alone… damn it. good reasons for buying chocolate.

Ok. I can stand it! Of course I don’t wana lose at day #3. So I just bought the ones I needed. Haha. Did you mention that you can buy the stuff again if you would eat it? If nobody sees, it doesn’t count right? OMG they are lying next to me, I feel the taste on my tongue and I just wana bite in their head *rrooaaaaa Nobody would know if they suddenly jumped away at night…

So best just pack the package and close it. Don’t even face the bunnies DX – damn it. I got no tape. Now I am lost. I will put it under the table. Next thing to think about is how to stay cool at the evening. I will go out with friends, and it will be great tonight! I just need to figure out the drinks with less sugar. Do you think that’s possible? Let’s see how it works. If not I will know where my bunnies hide their selves.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday. S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. a day home. And I am not alone. I still got chocolate in my kitchen…*help

bunnyly yours



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