day#4#5 Shit happens and only to me

Published February 26, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Yup. I tried. I really tried.

First thing happened to me: opened the fridge to get out stuff for some salad. What happened: I opened and all eggs fell down to earth. ALL of them. 6 in total. You can imagine how the kitchen looked like and how my mood was. damn it. At least the kitchen is clean now.

You know weekends can be horrible? Your home working on your papers and it is not far to the kitchen. Really just some steps. You need a break, especially brain break – so why not eating chocolate? – You wana die? the only thing kept me from eating was the idea of failing. So I made compromiss: I can eat sweet cereals for breakfaast. Like: They dont count cause I love them for breakfast… I can live with that. But I still think about yesterday…We went to a big birthday party. In order not to pass out, you “prepare” yourself filling you up with good food. NO CHOCOLATE: Of course I would have preferred something creamy brown and sweet. Or ice cream! As long as it is not chocolate ice cream, it should be ok, isn’t it? But everybody knows eating much at the late evening is the dead for anybodies figure. Damn it. At least the night was great, we danced a lot and had much fun, so it was worth it! Only thing: I have to carry on the consequences now for some more days (at least I hope it will be days).

Anybody has some hints for me, what to do? I am not so motivated today, since I am becoming tired again (didnt slept so long…I think I dont need to tell you ^^)

Seriously, I need chocolate now! A really good piece *mjami* Going to the bathroom having chat with my enemy called scale isnt even as fun as I could have thought. We still hate each other…and I am not about making a good friendship with him…he and me both we are stubborn like hell. Maybe I should try to feed him? some chocolate he might like *haha

all together I guess I can say SUCCESS for the weekend. at least in the topic of chocolate. Upcoming will be hard I have a lot of stuff to do and when I am stressed I need chocolate like in all other situations of live. how many days we still have to go?????

41. … thats four times 10 days + 1. I survived – how many? – 5??? Im over.

Let’s try keeping motivation. I dont want to disappoint you!

for chocolate wishingly yours



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