day#6 I wana wana wana haaaaave!

Published February 27, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Guys guys guys, OMG there we go: there is a whole cup of chocolate pieces N.E.X.T. T.O. M.E.

just by reading the name and kinds of chocolate I even can taste it! I wana haaaave! And I cant put away since I am together with friends working in our office of our students organization. Now my friend is offering me even more he has at home @.@ it’s a torture. C’mon I am not made of steal, I am a creepy week little little girl, who cant hold herself back for chocolate…

I will stay strong, even if the others are going to order pizza, I will order salad with some chicken I guess. At least to eat something REAL and not so flattering green stuff *haha I need something goooood to eat! *help please*

Anyway I am feeling the lack of chocolate these days.I can become stressed more easily, or even become upset. So pleae dont blame me…its the lack of chocolate.

there is a black hole in my stomache aching for CHOCOLATE.

I am wondering why I didnt dreamed of chocolate so far…

Let’s hope it wont start, otherwise I am really going crazy. 40 days to go.

Keep on going!



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