day#7#8 Did I said get on my nerves?

Published February 29, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

shalalalaaaaa yesterday SUCCESS. Today…well kinda success. 

I went with our new trainee from Brazil to have a great “currywurst” and afterwards having ice cream…but no chocolate! well but I am still filled but wana have chocolate now – so badly. And I feel bad having had such a bad lunch, but it was goood! so it was worth it, and sometimes ur allowed to! At least I think so 🙂

Today I got from work, guess what? I was tired. So why just dont rest half an hour and go back to my studies? HAHA. Thought so. Destiny didnt had the plan to let me sleep. After 10 min – already asleep – phone call. guy from work. 3 min (!) later call from a friend. talked a bit 🙂 closed eyes again. phone made sounds – already got set up…guess what? phone wants battery…got him some. already closed eyes. NEXT call. *woaaa next time I turn it off! Lesson learned.

so for now, I am sneaking around my chocolate treasure in the kitchen…I dont want to open, but I need it so badly. Stupid head. always wants to get his will. 

I want to bake a cake – not so good idea if you dont have enough people to eat. If I dont have, I need to eat it all alone XD but I shouldnt…

yesterday I got something sweet (sth like cake) but I got so disappointed of it. It tasted just like butter and dow. I wont buy it again – so I recommend not to shiny things, you will be disappointed, too.

But hey, I survived a week!

Dont forget to do your sports 😉

workingly yours




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