Yummy Yoghurt – Sweet and healthy!

Published March 2, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

This is just small thing, but soooo tasty!!!

Take pure natural yoghurt. Cut little oranges (sweet ones, peal them ^^) into small pieces. Put them in as well as some fruits. I recommend blueberries, strawberries or honey melon (gets good together with orange :D) and mix it!

It is so refreshing, especially for summer, but I also like it at this temperatures! And it helps you overcome the longings for the brown stuff we want to avoid ^^

If it is not sweet enough put in a spoon of jam (which flavour you like).

Do not take flavoured yoghurt. It is full of carbs and that means mean sugar! you could have it in the morning, if you do not want to miss it 😉 But think about natural yoghurt, it helps your stomache and some other processes 😉

Try it, you will like it!!!


2 comments on “Yummy Yoghurt – Sweet and healthy!

  • I find that unflavored yogurt tends to taste like sour cream and I prefer to use that as the base for dips. Add herbs or mixes (I like Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch), then dip carrots or broccoli or cauliflower.

    A fairly good portion of sweetened, but low-fat yogurt with fruit on the bottom will completely stifle my desire for sweets. And I will use it to top some grapefruit slices for an awesome breakfast that just explodes in your mouth. Sweet, a bit sour and a whole bowl for less than 150 calories!

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