I got lost on half way..back in self discipline!

Published March 18, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Hey guys!

I didn’t gave up – no way! I don’t give myself the blame – you thought so? Shame on you! 😀

I was working on a fair for one week and at the end I became sick, really sick! I am still not well again, but better. Anyway I stayed resistant! Yeah SUCESS! But what about my old enemy Mr.Scale? He was just a bit nice to me, but we are still fighting if we see each other…However, I count my success in the -now more respected way- healthy living. It is easier not to become weak and eat chocolate and to prefer salad than pizza. I am happy about that! Now even that the sun came out I feel quite better. I got a competitive feeling towards myself. Lets fight the scale, but stay in good condition! No stupid hunger cause it makes it even worse!

So what about now? I will keep on fighting aaaand posting! and feeling the chocolate I want to eat -.- It will be eastern in 3 weeks and everywhere you can have this wonderful tasty easter chocolate…Let’s pray my brain stays resistant (Last week I had my first chocolate dream @.@)

Keep on fighting!

sickly yours

chocoholic (^o^)


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