day#30 WTF? It is getting worse…

Published March 22, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Hey guys!

What’s new? I am going crazy! Lately I need to write my papers by heart and I am dying for chocolate! Seriously I can write just with chocolate and sugar. Since I am not allowed to eat, I am producing just f*** bad stuff and I am not productive as I should be…Do you got any hints for me what to do?

I got a serious problem!

Besides that, I guess everybody know the problem feeling of liking someone…bad in times of a lack of chocolate if this feeling is connected to bad ones…I need ice cream and chocolate and cookies and all gooood stuff!!! Not eating it even drives my mood worse. I need help @.@ What to do?

I dont even have funny stories to share despite I am just sneaking around the box of cookies in the kitchen while trying to write something what at least sounds ok…

I am having a crisis. I am open for everything to share from you! Thank you 🙂

freakingly yours



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