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Last day – Getting excited?

Published April 7, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

One day to go! I already have the chocolate placed *hahaha

What can I say for now? I cant w8!!! Letting the brown sweets melting on my tongue *hmmmmm*

I was at a party on Thursday and when I saw the pictures, I was shocked – OMG! That was me? I have to do something more…I just want to get rid of the christmas gifts my body gave me, but seeing them at the pics saying hello to everybody I felt horrible…I made myself the promise: For eastern go on eat chocolate! *hahahaa afterwards I will not resist, but I will eat just in the morning (I mean chocolate), or like my friend says: just at the weekend! I have to do more sports, and I guess starting classes next week again, it will be easier to schedule for me…so I will go on with blog wriing! maybe I should resist to all sweets? possibly I am dying then…can u imagine? without chocolate: ok survived. check! but without sugar???? at least I changed my mind and I can have a salad in the evenin. this is a big progress, I think!

So I will get a new challenge: stay eating healthy, reduce sugar and keep myself balanced – so this will mean: stay happy.

For now, I need to hate myself, cause I forgot my laptop charger and I am running out of battery! I will tell you on Monday, how I will experience tomorrow! I am sorry for that!

Keep in mind: stay healthy, stay happy and be excited for chocolate!

freakingly yours



day#40 Fat vs. ugly – TV srew you!

Published April 2, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Sometimes I am wondering, what producers of the afternoon program think what they are about to sell…

Besides the daily soaps, which are soooooooo “real” they try to find a good way to talk to ladies: they made the street test! Fat vs. ugly…

They took a nice girl, making her wear a fat suit and try to pick up boys phone numbers…then they took her in her slim body and made her ugly in the face with fatty hair…who won? the fat girl with beautiful face..and then they said: “girls dont be so harsh to your little rolls, boys love a beauty face more than a figure. What they didnt mention: good shaped girls with good looking face…*ha of course boys would prefer this one to any of the others. So what do we learn out of this trial? –  of course! it doesnt matter if you are fat or ugly, ur unattractive both ways. :O

So now what to do? Just think: SCREW YOU! You are beautiful the way you are! even with more gold on your hips, ass or elsewhere. If you think you have to much, you can do some sports and eat healthy and you may lose a bit, but never forget you are the person who you are. People like you because of that! Beautiful doesnt mean she is smart, bigger doesnt mean she is ugly. You are you, and this is beautiful. Tell it to you in the mirror. Yell at the TV: Srew you! -They just know how to make us feel bad! Stop thinking, start living! Feel happy 😀

fightingly yours