Last day – Getting excited?

Published April 7, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

One day to go! I already have the chocolate placed *hahaha

What can I say for now? I cant w8!!! Letting the brown sweets melting on my tongue *hmmmmm*

I was at a party on Thursday and when I saw the pictures, I was shocked – OMG! That was me? I have to do something more…I just want to get rid of the christmas gifts my body gave me, but seeing them at the pics saying hello to everybody I felt horrible…I made myself the promise: For eastern go on eat chocolate! *hahahaa afterwards I will not resist, but I will eat just in the morning (I mean chocolate), or like my friend says: just at the weekend! I have to do more sports, and I guess starting classes next week again, it will be easier to schedule for me…so I will go on with blog wriing! maybe I should resist to all sweets? possibly I am dying then…can u imagine? without chocolate: ok survived. check! but without sugar???? at least I changed my mind and I can have a salad in the evenin. this is a big progress, I think!

So I will get a new challenge: stay eating healthy, reduce sugar and keep myself balanced – so this will mean: stay happy.

For now, I need to hate myself, cause I forgot my laptop charger and I am running out of battery! I will tell you on Monday, how I will experience tomorrow! I am sorry for that!

Keep in mind: stay healthy, stay happy and be excited for chocolate!

freakingly yours



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