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day#40 Fat vs. ugly – TV srew you!

Published April 2, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Sometimes I am wondering, what producers of the afternoon program think what they are about to sell…

Besides the daily soaps, which are soooooooo “real” they try to find a good way to talk to ladies: they made the street test! Fat vs. ugly…

They took a nice girl, making her wear a fat suit and try to pick up boys phone numbers…then they took her in her slim body and made her ugly in the face with fatty hair…who won? the fat girl with beautiful face..and then they said: “girls dont be so harsh to your little rolls, boys love a beauty face more than a figure. What they didnt mention: good shaped girls with good looking face…*ha of course boys would prefer this one to any of the others. So what do we learn out of this trial? –  of course! it doesnt matter if you are fat or ugly, ur unattractive both ways. :O

So now what to do? Just think: SCREW YOU! You are beautiful the way you are! even with more gold on your hips, ass or elsewhere. If you think you have to much, you can do some sports and eat healthy and you may lose a bit, but never forget you are the person who you are. People like you because of that! Beautiful doesnt mean she is smart, bigger doesnt mean she is ugly. You are you, and this is beautiful. Tell it to you in the mirror. Yell at the TV: Srew you! -They just know how to make us feel bad! Stop thinking, start living! Feel happy 😀

fightingly yours



day#31 it’s a month already!

Published March 23, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Woa i can’t imagine! One month!

And today I feel good! Not only because I bought awesome and super cheap shoes, also because I had healthy food today! Cereals, salad and some noodles and salaaaad again! For sweets I had a chewing gum and chewing candy. yup. Ha. I am sooo good!

From tomorrow I am allowed to begin softly with sports again! I really need some movements! Even more if I think about the talks to Mr. Scale. He is so horrible! I guess because of my medicine and low movement I gained. This is sooo freaky! But I keep fighting *muahaa

I keep going eating good for breakfast, lunch I eat normal and take care to stop when I am full. and dinner as I said salad 🙂 for sweet things *hmmmm what to do a bout that? I eat them *hehehe but not to much – BUT I need MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!! It is not enough. Beeing chocoholic is hard. really hard. Why I am sooooooo addicted?

But anyway it is kinda good that I preferred shoes than chocolate…just imagine I would have bought tons of chocolate *haha just imagine me with a big bag full of CHOCOLATE. this would be the time to go crazy! XD

Craaaaaaaazy! XD 2 weeks to go for eastern!

waitingly yours


day#10 The devil became alive and spread his evil spirit…

Published March 2, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

…he did!!! OMG So evil DX

We sit at work, of course working. Suddenly-good smell. sweet smell. it becomes more and more intense. first vanilla, then like popcorn, then like sweet milk, after that like pudding then cinnamon…omg it was not only me in the office trying  to figure out what it was. nobody knew…but EVERYBODY wanted to HAVE it!!!! All my collegues – including me – had been suffering to hell. Everybody wanted to have it!

Some time later we found out: it was Pudding with cinnamon and bananas! who had been the evil in person to heat it in the kitchen and leaving without sharing??? must have been the even more mean devil grand father…but luckily it was not only me wishing to have an audience and get something from him 😀

As I told you, I wanted to buy some sweets today – luckily no money *haha (<– laughing at myself)

Today I also made sports unwillingly: I bought some stuff. Went up stairs to my apartment. then I heard *pam pam pam pam pam pam* in a good timed rythm. damn it. it had been a cane rolling or better falling or drumming down the stairs ALL WAY BACK DOWN TO THE FLOOR…stair by stair by stair.  Of course I needed to get it or just leave it for my neighbours – but this would be last option I guess *sigh So I needed to get it and just tried to think positive “You will train your butt”.  So whenever I need to take a long walk of stairs, this is actually the thinking that keeps me motivated – a nice ass. I hope next time my stuff won’t start to fly around because I should train my arms or something like that…Any other ideas?

Today was, despite the things mentioned, a success, so I am really curious what’s up for tomorrow!

stay tuned – Curiously yours


day#9 Give me a break – where are my sweets?

Published March 1, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Gosh today was hard…

We went out tonight so I actually fall out of bed this morning (since we don’t have beds at the moment, just having my mattress on the ground..) and walked myself to work. Since it was good weather and sun was shining I felt good, but – yeah “BUT” – work was loooong today. Unplanned. After a bit after lunch I felt like my energy level is falling under the scale of feeling alive. I wonder if the devil had a nice talk to my energy in hell… Seriously I needed input, but I haven’t had any…

I guess you know the feeling if you want to have something soooo badly, but your not allowed to have? It is like the situation with the forbidden sign: “Don’t touch” is stated. What are you doing? YOU TOUCH! Even if it would be a shark biting your whole arm…you WOULD think about touching, right? If it is not thaaaat dangerous, you touch. For sure. Who ever says something different is a lier! You know this situation, so you know my condition…I need SUGAR. But I did’t had any at work. I managed somehow 😉 but going home was more like a zombie walk.

I fell into bed and slept – best way to overcome your sugar longings…After woke up, I forced myself to have some salad and do some sports, just some exercises. I feel like if I do more now, I won’t be able to get up again tomorrow, and this is not what I want…

Tomorrow I need to go to work again – unplanned, but it has to be. Still I like it. However it is freaking horrific, if you know you don’t have much time left to catch the deadlines for your papers…without energy even worse! – CHOCOLATE!!!! definitely needed, luckily my mind keeps me from it…I guess tomorrow I will not only shop for the green stuff which keeps you healthy (at least everybody says so), but also some sweets I am allowed to eat! Otherwise I gonna shrink to a creepy low energy jelly fish…

For today, I am finished, my mind is not able to think directly in “paper lines”. My bed is calling – can you hear it?

tiredly yours


day#4#5 Shit happens and only to me

Published February 26, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Yup. I tried. I really tried.

First thing happened to me: opened the fridge to get out stuff for some salad. What happened: I opened and all eggs fell down to earth. ALL of them. 6 in total. You can imagine how the kitchen looked like and how my mood was. damn it. At least the kitchen is clean now.

You know weekends can be horrible? Your home working on your papers and it is not far to the kitchen. Really just some steps. You need a break, especially brain break – so why not eating chocolate? – You wana die? the only thing kept me from eating was the idea of failing. So I made compromiss: I can eat sweet cereals for breakfaast. Like: They dont count cause I love them for breakfast… I can live with that. But I still think about yesterday…We went to a big birthday party. In order not to pass out, you “prepare” yourself filling you up with good food. NO CHOCOLATE: Of course I would have preferred something creamy brown and sweet. Or ice cream! As long as it is not chocolate ice cream, it should be ok, isn’t it? But everybody knows eating much at the late evening is the dead for anybodies figure. Damn it. At least the night was great, we danced a lot and had much fun, so it was worth it! Only thing: I have to carry on the consequences now for some more days (at least I hope it will be days).

Anybody has some hints for me, what to do? I am not so motivated today, since I am becoming tired again (didnt slept so long…I think I dont need to tell you ^^)

Seriously, I need chocolate now! A really good piece *mjami* Going to the bathroom having chat with my enemy called scale isnt even as fun as I could have thought. We still hate each other…and I am not about making a good friendship with him…he and me both we are stubborn like hell. Maybe I should try to feed him? some chocolate he might like *haha

all together I guess I can say SUCCESS for the weekend. at least in the topic of chocolate. Upcoming will be hard I have a lot of stuff to do and when I am stressed I need chocolate like in all other situations of live. how many days we still have to go?????

41. … thats four times 10 days + 1. I survived – how many? – 5??? Im over.

Let’s try keeping motivation. I dont want to disappoint you!

for chocolate wishingly yours


day#3 Who the f*** needs presents?

Published February 24, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

I survived day #3 *woopwoop

Ok, I had sweeter cereals for breakfast, but no chocolate *hehehe

Actually it was easy to survive today…I was at work the whole day! I had a deadline to catch so I was working concentrated the whole time. But not to tell u something boring, what do you think about birthday gifts? yeah, they are cool. Really. But why does it need to be a friend who loves German chocolate? (>o<)

I was not aware of that…I just went to Mr. Supermarket, still selling extra terrestrial expensive salads, to buy chocolate. Since it is eastern, you can’t forget that this time is coming. Everywhere – yeah the HELL EVERYWHERE – you can find chocolate and sweets. Especially the violet one and the blue bunnies (my favorite ones!)! It was questioning myself what will be the excuse to buy one for me, too?? I could keep it till eastern…I wana give it to my roomate *hehe…The little tiny one could be ok…oooh they are so “sweet” they should not be left here alone… damn it. good reasons for buying chocolate.

Ok. I can stand it! Of course I don’t wana lose at day #3. So I just bought the ones I needed. Haha. Did you mention that you can buy the stuff again if you would eat it? If nobody sees, it doesn’t count right? OMG they are lying next to me, I feel the taste on my tongue and I just wana bite in their head *rrooaaaaa Nobody would know if they suddenly jumped away at night…

So best just pack the package and close it. Don’t even face the bunnies DX – damn it. I got no tape. Now I am lost. I will put it under the table. Next thing to think about is how to stay cool at the evening. I will go out with friends, and it will be great tonight! I just need to figure out the drinks with less sugar. Do you think that’s possible? Let’s see how it works. If not I will know where my bunnies hide their selves.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday. S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. a day home. And I am not alone. I still got chocolate in my kitchen…*help

bunnyly yours


day#2 I’m proud to kill myself

Published February 23, 2012 by mydayswithoutchocolate

Damn I got the proof: I am crazy, but proud!

Well first of all – SUCCESS! I didn’t had any chocolate today… I preferred eating sweet oranges than something “bad” sweet. *wohoo

So what? well besides the fact, that I was thinking the whole day how to avoid chocolate, I was thinking what I could eat instead @.@ so no good way to handle the situation. I remembered the fact, that eating is important, I should not stop, otherwise I will be double after eastern! So just taking care to reduce the amount a bit and forcing myself to eat more healthy things with vitamins. – You know, something more fresh, green or colored things growing on some plants.

Did you walked into supermarket these days and try to buy this funky stuff? I rapidly remembered why I did not eat too healthy till know…who wants to pay a monthly salary for a cucumber? or go on credit for buying pepper and bananas? Well, sorry Mr. Supermarket, I won’t be your new super duper client helping you to grow more of this stuff in your garden…anyway I found some “ok-stuff” for “ok-money” I guess. But I didn’t bought it. Yes. Since I didn’t take my suitcase full of money with me, I decided I will get it another day – after marrying a rich guy, win the lotto or just right after getting my salary 😀

Today, well I was still motivated to fight against my “backrolls”, who already have their own life. I call them “Lolli” and “Rolli”. I think they enjoying their free rides at my back too much…So I thought “Hey let’s go to do sports!” – Haha…yeah I like sports, really! But I was so tired, that I was walking home slow (from university) and missed the tram to the gym. The course was about Aerobics and bit of kick-boxing. I need to admit, that I actually love this course! But not today…

I chose not to go. Somehow I should not. If I don’t go, I won’t be more tired. It’s too late now. – Shut the f** off, You made a promise! Not only to yourself also to one of my best friends! In order to help her losing weight, we made a promise: We (yeah, we try together even there are some thousand kilometers between us) will lose weight till eastern. If we succeed, she will buy tickets to my place and I will show her around. We will have so much fun together again ❤ She is one of the reasons who keeps me going…This is why I thought: “No sports means I am super stupid!” Something I have to do…

In order to punish myself for not participating in my sports class I let myself do the thing I hate the most: RUNNING! I would prefer doing a 3h hard work out than running half an hour! But punishment is punishment, and of course as total noob I could not start power running. I did it in a rhythm I could follow, with short fast walking breaks. As you can read, I survived…Next time, I won’t miss my sports class again! Nevertheless I’m proud I did it.

Iam already thinking what to have for lunch tomorrow..that’s too bad. So I just gonna make a good tea and hope I will find something soon, otherwise I gonna dream of it!

runningly yours


Btw. Does chocolate tea counts as chocolate? (*_*)